VLC dx11 audio bug

Hi vvvvorum,
I have to play many videos with VLC dx11 but when I switch between different folders containing more than 2 videos VLC dx11 node play some audio when it loads the files even if the play pin and the volume pin are off.

Is there a way to solve this bug or a way to turn off/on the Windows volume from vvvv?

Please look at the attached patch. VLC_audioBug.v4p (8.9 KB)

I tried also VLC2 node from the contributions. It works fine with one video but when I use more than one video it crashes.

Any suggestion?

you can try initialize VAudio with some silence, so it’s start to use Asio drive, then vlc won’t be able to play anything (in theory)

also the “Volume Mixer”

@antokhio: enable and disable VAudio engine creates some problems because when I disable VAudio VLC node doesn’t play audio anymore.

Concerning the Windows Volume Mixer I’m not able to manage the code to compile a plugin. Any help here? Also disable the main Windows volume is a way but I don’t know how to do.

@antokhio there is no VLC player that outputs to VAudio, at least not to my knowledge, it would be cool though

@idab well here’s piece of already working code needed to be modified a bit… just a small forum search on "volume " maybe there is already working sample somewhere… who knows? (search the forum)

@sunep i know vlc won’t work with vaudio ;] it will just block the sound of vlc heh

Ah, clever… Otherwise a switch that switches the volume of the player to 0.0001 for one frame and back to 0 will also work

Hi…i am a new user here. As per my knowledge the wrapper used in the little example does only expose GetMasterVolumeLevelScalar() but none of the other methos of AudioEndpointVolume.
The .net wrapper i linked to seems complete though. and it doesn’t need a documentation because you can get all the info from the CoreAudio API i linked to.

HDI pcb

There’s no link.

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