Vlc compiled for 26.1, just for people who want to check if everything still works

Simply replace the dll, with the one found in the attachment.

Good luck.

Vlc compiled for the upcoming beta 26.1 (17.9 kB)

ft, can you contact me on skype please?

thank you ft!

Thank you ft for the new version!

I saw that the VLC node makes vvvv45 beta27 crash at the startup if I open vvvv with a patch containing a VLC node and looking at the TTY Renderer I get an error which I think it is related to the node:

ERR A0+ [FlipBuffers Exception](FlipBuffers Exception) È già stato aggiunto un elemento con la stessa chiave. (= An element has been added with the same key)

Thank you for your efforts!

Greetings :)

just have a quick test with the new dll in beta27
if you have a red node (windows7) : unblock the dll in properties

@cybear a very simple vlc player (1 video) as startup patch works for me

@ft if i delete the vlc node vvvv27 become unstable and crash (on double click!!?? when opening new nodes)

can absolutely confirm, what circuitb said.

after deleting vlc-node, vvvv crashes when creating a new node with doubleclick :(

@circuitb: What do you mean with “unblock the dll in properties”?

On startup I get this exception error:

I have the same problem.

On startup I have this Exception error:

Exception class: EClrException
Exception message: The composition produced a single composition error. The root cause is provided below. Review the CompositionException.Errors property for more detailed information.

  1. Cannot create an instance of type ‘VVVV.Nodes.C0_3EX9_TextureVlcNode’ because a constructor could not be selected for construction. Ensure that the type either has a default constructor, or a single constructor marked with the ‘System.ComponentModel.Composition.ImportingConstructorAttribute’.

Resulting in: Cannot activate part ‘VVVV.Nodes.C0_3EX9_TextureVlcNode’.
Element: VVVV.Nodes.C0_3EX9_TextureVlcNode --> VVVV.Nodes.C0_3EX9_TextureVlcNode --> TypeCatalog (Types=‘VVVV.Nodes.C0_3EX9_TextureVlcNode’).

Resulting in: Cannot get export ‘VVVV.Nodes.C0_3EX9_TextureVlcNode (ContractName=“VVVV.PluginInterfaces.V1.IPluginBase”)’ from part ‘VVVV.Nodes.C0_3EX9_TextureVlcNode’.
Element: VVVV.Nodes.C0_3EX9_TextureVlcNode (ContractName=“VVVV.PluginInterfaces.V1.IPluginBase”) --> VVVV.Nodes.C0_3EX9_TextureVlcNode --> TypeCatalog (Types=‘VVVV.Nodes.C0_3EX9_TextureVlcNode’).
Exception address: 00000000

Does anybody know what it could be?

on windows7 some dll have are set to blocked in properties (bottom right)
if so the node appear as red! not sure about your error

What do you mean with blocked in properties bottom right? The attributes? I have only ReadOnly and Hidden and the Advanced… button under general.

@cybear If you don’t see an “Unblock” button, then it’s not locked. At least that’s how it was for me. When I right-clicked on Vlc0_3.dll, there was an “Unblock” button and after I pressed it, the button isn’t there anymore.

I unblocked all the Vlc dlls and I can confirm that the new dll works in beta27. Sweeet!

It’s true that it works, but it makes VVVV instable, because in the TTY renderer I got some errors…

yep definitely unstable in beta27 - patches using it no longer open without crashing. removed the module with vlc in and they run OK.

OK it’s down to having a camera(softimage) and vlc nodes in the same patch somewhere. If I remove either the module with the camera or the one with vlc it will load without crashing. Seems this bug has been around in some form for a while?

i had a similar exception with some of my own plugins after updating to a newer version of vvvv. i ended up fixing assembly references (mostly making sure that i was pointing at the right MEF assembly) and recompiling them and they worked.