bonjour everyone,

there’s been some work lately creating a VL.Wekinator plugin that allows you to easily interact with the aforemetioned software. don’t know what Wekinator is? read on!

what the wekinator

wekinator is a standalone software that uses machine learning to solve the following problem: given input X, I want to get output Y. Where X can be any input that can be expressed as a series of floats and the output can either be:

  • discrete categories, like “Pose 1”, “Pose 2”, …
  • continuous numeric outputs referring to positions between discrete outputs
  • recognition of gestures over time (like drawing a circle with your mouse)

want to recognize custom gestures with a leap motion? just give wekinator examples of that gesture, train it, and run your model to recognize those gestures in real time. the communication between vvvv and the software is done via OSC.

what do i get

1. the nodeset

for basic scenarios, you can use the simple Wekinator node that allows you to send data to the software and receive results from it. you still have to use the software’s GUI to record examples, train your model and run it.


but there is more. wekinator also has some kind of OSC API that allows you to control it from the outside. which means you can build application where users can send their training data, train the model and run it, all from vvvv. for that, you have to enable the Advanced category and you’ll see quite a few more nodes for that purpose :


2. documentation

the nuget also comes with a few help patches that shows the nodeset and explains the differences between the basic and advanced Wekinator nodes, and three step by step tutorials that will teach you how to :

  • control a mini drone synthesizer in vvvv using continuous outputs
  • recognize hand poses with your webcam
  • recognize custom gestures with a leap motion using dynamic time warping

how do i get

first, you need to install the wekinator, available here. then, head over to VL’s command line and type

nuget install VL.Wekinator -pre

the package is in prerelease for now because it has a dependency to VL.Audio for the help patches. since VL.Audio is pre, the package also has to be pre, otherwise the install fails.

you can check the repo here : https://github.com/sebescudie/VL.Wekinator/

massive thanks to @joreg for giving his insights regarding the architecture of the nodeset and the contentof the help patches.

as always, enjoy, and don’t hesitate to shout here on in the issues section of the repo to give feedback.