VL - Weird polar node

Hello. Creating a tree generator with vl, i stuckd with a little problem. I want to get the angles (aka polar node) of the vector3. I think vl version of this node work not really well. Here is screenshot

hi honix, the Polar node in VL is modelled after the official mathematical conventions. its quite a mess of notation and order of angles, see:


the vvvv polar node is not even in the list. but its easy to add it as a second Polar node with version ‘vvvv’ if you need it.

I think, VL pack will have a vvvv version also. Because i havent a solution to use vl polar clalcs in the vvvv for now.

Or there is solution to add vl node Transform3D(VL) -> Transform3D(VVVV)