VL vs. VVVV Queue Confusion

I’m trying to get a bit more familiar with V4 gamma and VL but it’s pretty confusing sometimes.
Maybe someone can spare a minute and help me out …

It’s basically a multitouch queue thingie… I want to draw with multiple fingers and have the traces fade away slow. The problem is: As soon as I remove one finger, the corresponding trace goes away.
I narrowed it down to an issue which I don’t understand in VL… check the patch.

Why do the slices disappear, after I added them into the spread and lower the slice count? Shouldn’t they stay inside the Pad, regardless of the Slicecount on the Input?

Any ideas?VLQueue.zip (18.3 KB)

The items pad has to be outside the ForEach.



Oh boy!

Thanks bjoern… haha.
This reminds me of my first patches with V4 beta quite some time ago…

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