VL.Video.Mediafoundation play video file witth Skia issue

Just trying to load a help patch on the latest preview.

Howto Play a video file with Stride : Working
Howto Play a video file with Skia : https://pastebin.com/qz9cpKcv

Tested with exact same version and working fine over here. Does it work for you in 2021.4.9? And how about a 2021.4.10-preview? I wonder whether it’s somehow related to a machine local config file. You can try to backup the following locations: %LocalAppData%\vvvv and %UserProfile%\Documents\vvvv

Working fine on two of my laptops, must be something specific on the PC, will do a bit more testing…

make sure you have the latest version of the package, and not a very old one (that also had a different name).

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