VL Unzip

Hi devs.

I would like to split my spread of 64 floats into 8 groups. In vvvv I would do this using unzip but that isn’t the option I was hoping for in VL.

It feels like something that should be obviuos but is there a neat solution for doing this?

As of now, VL lacks dynamic pin counts. high priority feature, for sure. meanwhile a cascade of UnZip could do that. but its not dynamic then.

but you can use multidimensional spreads, so in a loop in loop you can reorder the spread into a spread of 8 spreads…

or you look into linq, the GroupBy should help you there.

Thanks Ton,

In the end I used a combination of loops, aggregation and getspread. I had to swap the dimensions at a later stage to find the average while taking advantage of it in sequence.

No idea about linq stuff. I’ll have a look again at some point.