VL UI Library

For your personal interest, here is the first shot into the “patching UIs with VL” direction directly out of the devvvv lab. As the category of this post describes, it is only work in progress but already has a few basic features:

  • DIP based top left aligned coordinate space
  • Hover, Selection and Focus properties per element
  • Hierarchical structure
  • Mouse and Keyboard event handler
  • Selection rectangle per level

Some features are already laid out but not completely implemented:

  • Touch and Gesture event handler
  • Clipping areas for scrollbar behavior

Planned features include:

  • More widgets
  • Tabs
  • Layout strategies

The results look promising so far:


Discussions, ideas and comments are welcome.


This doenst seem to work in latest alphas/betas (38) I get no mouse interaction

@catweasel i got a new branch with many improvements, will upload an update here soon.