VL: The single window thing

Hi Devs,

Is is possible to look at two VL patches at the same time, for instance looking at an internal module and its parent patch as we can already do in traditional vvvv?

At the moment it would make it a lot easier to follow what is going on and learn the new structure of these patches. Being able to follow the data flow has always been a key to learningand using vvvv. I’ve often seen patchers with several windows open to get an overview the relationship between one (sub)patch and another.

Maybe a split window would be nice.


hei hayd,

I’m afraid that’s not possible yet and true, quite a let down when coming from vvvv. we’ll definitely have to address that at some point…

+1 for split view (or any other way of seeing two vl patches at the same time)

it is extraordinary common to co-review or even edit both the definition of a node and any of its usages simultaneously (eg a module and its help patch). having to navigate between them seems indeed a real let down for more ambitious work

on a side note nowadays i am still using windows’ own snap-split feature in vvvv, and still wish for win+arrow support to give me the feature from the thread starter.

just several identical windows combined the win+arrow ability @velcrome mentioned would be great