VL.Stride.TexturePlayer formerly known as TextureLoader

Hey, I took the texture loader @Elias posted here and wrapped it into a player for image/texture stacks. Put the parts of the player into several documents, not quite sure about the structure though.

For more background info and some performance tests please refer to the initial thread.

VL.Stride.TexturePlayer_V0.1.7z (23.4 KB)


VL.Stride.TexturePlayer_V0.2.7z (27.0 KB)

  • Added a Speed pin and reverse playback
  • Directory loaded async
  • Files are explicitly (re)loaded on directory or search pattern change

great tool . I was just checking it out. thanks.
I was running two players next to each other at a time with 4k dds stack. Framerate over 100.
Even the uncompressed format of dds worked fine.

I had white frames in some cases. like looping, or seek.
how would you preload a second video before switch to it?

VL.Stride now comes with a Textureplayer, which is much more sophisticated. No more need to use the one posted here.

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Note: the TexturePlayer is now called ImagePlayer and is shipping with latest 2021.4 previews. for an overview of all video playback related changes for the upcoming release see: Video playback news