Here is a little 3d library on top of VL.Skia. No shading, no depthbuffer, some clipping issues and featuring the following primitives:

  • Points
  • Line
  • Circle
  • Rectangle
  • PolyLine
  • Box
  • Axis
  • Grid
  • Billboard Text

plus a Camera (Orbit) and Transform nodes to plug below the primitives (VL.Skia style).
Mostly useful for quick debug visualizations, e.g. in combination with VL.Devices.Kinec2 and similar…

Change Log

v2 10 02 20

  • fixed camera Y movement
  • added billboard text
  • coordinate system adaption is now done only once (in camera) instead of for every point

v1 25 01 20

  • initial release


via commandline as explained here.

nuget install VL.Skia3d -pre

sweet !
one thing though : looks like the patch is looking for a nuget, I had to reference VL.Skia3d by hand :


ah, right, i use it as a source-package as explained here.