VL Skia to Twitter

Yesterday i did a quick test of sending images to twitter using LinqToTwitter. It doesn’t cover the full API as sebls VL.Twitter or joregs VL.Mastodon, but it was quick to do, is an interesting test and learn case on how to use an async web library and it works nicely. So i’ll share it here for everyone who wants to upload their skia sketches to twitter.

VL.SkiaToTwitter.vl (90.7 KB)

to use it:

  • place VL.SkiaToTwitter.vl somewhere near the document you are working on
  • reference it in your document
  • go into VL.SkiaToTwitter.vl and install the missing nuget
  • add the TweetSkiaLayer node and pass in your layer and twitter app credentials

to get the twitter credentials:

  • go to https://developer.twitter.com
  • add a new app and finish the registration process
  • tell them in the form that you only want to upload images
  • no need for login via app or callback URL
  • then generate new access tokens for your app and copy them into the patch:


it should then do something like this:

some results from yesterday can be found here: https://twitter.com/VLTweetBot

happy tweeting!


account was suspended by accident, but should be back online now. so if you get auto flagged by the twitter spam filter, just write them an email. took them only a few hours to reply.

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