VL Skia - Performance Drops with Renderer (Off Screen)



Hello gvvvvys,

for building a dynamic typography module I am using the Skia library in VL. I am rendering with the Renderer (offscreen) in vl and putting the result into the UploadImage Node. The Image comes out as it should, but I have very recular (every 5 secs) performance drops from 60 fps to about 15. It seems like the garbage collector runs full, cause the task manager displays me a rising memory until the moment of the performance drop. when disabling the renderer (off screen) in vl the performance is stabil. did somebody have this problem before as well? any hints? thank you very much for feedback! best


might be similar to this: Skia offscreen rendering slow


ok! thanks for fast replying again! only solution i see for now is to render everything in VL then - without off screen renderer … best