VL.Skia.CallerInfo not initialized properly



Moin moin. I have a problem with two larger VL patches crashing on startup. I get an errormessage: The type initializer for ‘VL.Skia.CallerInfo’ threw an exception. v4 crashes on this.

If I start a skia patch from the examples and then load my larger patch, it works - or rather seems to be initialized correctly.

Any idea how to fix this?



Must be about the patch/dll load order and in the end native skia dlls not being picked up. Can you send us a patch reproducing this?
I imagine as a workaround if you copy the files from lib/packs/VL.Skia/lib-native/x64 beside the vvvv.exe it works?


That did fix the crash. Will send the patch once it’s reasonable. Than you!