VL.ScreenRecorder Audio input

I can’t figure how to assign an input to the recorder. Whatever I try, it always rec the Windows mix out.
Did I miss something ?

Thank you very much !
ScreenRec_01.vl (21.4 KB)

I can confirm this, can’t figure out the option to choose an input device (as the microphone) neither with Key nor Value as “Input Device” (String) on AudioOptions. Of course setting the corresponding “Input Device Enabled” to TRUE and the “Ouput Device Enabled” to FALSE.

Maybe, a small explanation or example could be helpful, which value should be added to the In-/Output Device Inputs (see above), if e.g. the microphone should be used as audio recording source.

Also, as another suggestion for the help patch:
I think it’s a bit misleading: in the help patch “Record Audio” and also “Output Device” Inputs are both set to FALSE, so no Audio is recorded. I would propose the standard should be to record the windows audio mix, so both set to TRUE (as the default of AudioOptions is), maybe the “record audio” pin can be exposed?

please check out the latest pre-release: 0.1.2-alpha which has this fixed.
beware though: it is quite a breaking change as this is now based on the newest version of the underlying library. but you should find everything easy to adapt.

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Just made a first test : impressive.
so, thank you very much !

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