This pack allows you to use any RunwayML model directly as node in vvvv. No hassle dealing with http queries to send/receive data. The magic is done all under the hood. You’re using a model as if it was just another old node.


Have a linux machine available in your network? You can run models on its local GPU for best performance. all plug and play.

Full description of how to test is in the readme:


Hey @joreg,

Does this work with the “free” version of gamma?
After installing VL.RunwayML, there is no additional category appearing in the nodebrowser.

The help patches show a missing dependency to VL.Stride…
VL.Stride is not found on nuget.org when installing via commandline.

Current Specs are:
VL Version: 2020.2.0
VL.RunwayML 1.0.9 -pre

contains one line formatted exactly like on git
with own name, url, token after finishing hosting process in the runway app

is empty as none are hosted locally

both text files are located in /runway - folder within the vl document location.

Any help would be great!

Thanks found a solution. Installed it on different machine and it works.

@janvictor for clarification: there is no distinction between payed and free versions. everything works for everyone, only commercial users are so smart to pay a license because they know that this is basically an investment in the future of their own business.

thanks for the pointer re Stride references. they are not needed. removed in latest package.