VL: Rightclick Multiple Connections


I used to be able to rightclick an output pin and then draw connections to multiple input pins. This was very comfortable, but it doesn’t work in the current VL release.

Change on purpose or bug? If on purpose, is there another way to do it?


Left click the first pin, then middle-click/alt-click the connecting pins

Oh nice thanks!

Works. The connection I then have at hand is red though, which is weird (no real problem just drawing)

I think a different colour might be more appropriate too. It isn’t an error but that’s what red signals.

I suppose the moment you click the output pin the compiler sets it in the file and while it isn’t connected to anything its is in ‘error’, but it is alittle disconcerting.

to confirm: the red link at this point is just a bugger
and all those kind of mouse/keyboard gestures are collected here: https://thegraybook.vvvv.org/reference/hde/patching.html

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