VL reader/writer slower than native

VVVV.String.FileWriterVL.vl (19.6 KB)

So I have a simple file reader and writer in one VL document, I used them as they are no blocking, however if I look at the ticks the vl patch uses it remains around 200-250 even when not actively reading or writing, an equivalent vvvv patch runs about a 1/4 of that. Yes its not much but I use a couple of them in the patch and my frame rate is below 60 so I try and optimise all I can.

So why are they slower and can this be made more efficient with some kind of evaluate when in the vl?

hey cat,

if you go to the Settings and enable TooltipShowTimings you can inspect the timings of each node in vl.

to me it looks indeed like a bug that MakePath apparently takes a lot of time. so does it help if you get rid of those (replace with a + and a ToPath and don’t forget the \ between dir and file)? and i’ll take this as a bugreport…

other observations:

  • you’re creating the directory if it doesn’t exists. good, but you’re not making sure that this happens before the FileWriter writes. so you should take the Successs output of the FileWriter and OR it with the Exists. see?
  • why are you MonoFlopping the On Completed output by 2 frames? that looks hacky…

Yes its a bug then, its 1/2 the ticks, which still makes vvvv faster, if wasn’t for the blocking read and write.
Point taken!
And yes that was indeed hacky, and I think no longer needed, as I remember vvvv wasn’t receiving a bang presumable because the bang came in between vvvv frames (its running about 40) so you might want to look at that if vvvv should always receive the bang

Also I’m patching on a graphics tablet and the links are very hard to do with a pen, harder than vvvv. I’m often just missing and hitting a link to another object, which then gets a point added to the link path, ctl+y doesnt work, and making a new link with a tablet is difficult… Is there another way?

vvvv and vl are running in total sync. there isn’t such a thing as vvvv not receiving a bang from vl or the other way round.

am afraid not.

do you use the latest VL in beta35.8? there you have link snapping that you can confirm with a single left click once the link has snapped to a pin. no need to hit pins precisely. for working with a tablet you could even consider to increase the snapping distance in the settings file.

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you can highlight the mid-point and delete it

Also please try the slow MakePath patch with latest alpha. Should be about 10x faster…

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