VL.QRCode 0.0.5 barcode reader has errors

Hello! VL.QRCode as found here – NuGet Gallery | VL.QRCode 0.0.5-alpha – throws errors when using the BarcodeReader. This is when the Decode pin is activated, it may appear as nothing is wrong when the Decode pin is not pressed.

I am attempting to read a 1D barcode, such as this one:


Here’s the error:


Here’s what it looks like inside even when zxing.dll (16.4) has been referenced:


When replacing the missing node with Decode (IBarcodeReader), it still throws an error. A help patch for VL gamma would be much appreciated, especially to see what format should feed into this!

This has worked in the past, so just seeing this bug now.

please try with latest version: 0.0.6-alpha
it ships with a helppatch showing how to read a barcode.

but i tested with your image and it is not recognized. if you find the underlying library ZXing.NET to actually support that type of barcode we need to check again…

Alas, 0.0.6-alpha still does not yet work. Try putting a toggle on the Decode pin. If you look inside the Barcode Reader node, 0.0.6 shows:

Yes, ZXing.NET should support 1D barcodes like that, and has for me in the past. There is some manipulation that helps it (cropping the image to the barcode) but it shouldn’t throw the error it currently does.

sorry for late. the error your screenshot is not a runtime-error, but showing that the library is not even loading on your end. it looks like the zxing dependency cannot be found. in your nuget folder:


make sure to delete all VL.QRCode… and ZXing… folders. then restart vvvv and install the VL.QRCode pack again (which will in turn install the required ZXing pack).

Sorry to say, this is still happening. Does it work for you when you open it, or toggle BarcodeReader on? One thing to note is that ZXing is loaded, but there are some weird renamings within it, causing this error:

Many thanks!

i just doublechecked this on a clean PC and it is all working as expected. would you have a chance to test this on a different PC as well? i’d still assume you have some older version of zxing around somewhere that is being picked up instead of the correct one.