VL Plugins not auto-evaluating

beta 40 preview

I’ve come accross this quite often already in previous betas, just did so yet again:


Then I noticed this was responsible for some odd behaviour I noticed before … again I checked, and the nodes weren’t being evaluated in beta.

In the past I just added an IOBox in VL and a Toggle in Beta to pull the graph.
But then again I noticed that I had VL nodes that weren’t showing this behaviour:


And finally I noticed the difference. If you’re implementing a beta node as a Process in VL it will Auto-Evaluate, no matter what.
If you do it as an operation, you have to add this extra pin to pull the graph.

As there’s no AutoEvaluate attribute you could get used to add, I’d suggest to have also Operations AutoEvaluate by default and turn it off in beta with the hidden Evaluate pin if desired …

Not so sure about this one. Your operation triggers a side-effect, that’s why you want the auto-evaluate behavior. But given any other operation not triggering any side-effects and its output would only depend on its inputs, auto-evaluation would feel wrong in vvvv beta. You couldn’t use a Switch or S+H anymore and would be forced to use the Evaluate pin…

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