VL - Patch cosmetics/readability: layout vs. css styling

Playing around with the VVVV.css a bit I noticed one behaviour that might become problematic if everyone starts using their own styles, that unlike when working for example with html where the content layout reflows depending on styling that doesn’t seem to be the case now in VL.

So for example after I’ve increased the font size a bit and open a VL doc, an operations outputs will look like a mess with the names overlapping.

I just see it as a not so fun scenario when you try to look at someone else’s patches and the first thing you have to do is untangle a mess!

On the other hand if you start to reflow content you will probably have even more tricky layout issues to deal with. Seems worthy of dicussion.

hei beyon,

we’ve thought the same and should have removed the possibility to set font-size/family from the .css alreay. at least that will most likely be the short term solution.

joreg: It would still be useful to keep it for elements that doesn’t affect the patch layout though, for example the field and operation names at the left side of the screen and I guess tool tips and the like too

I’m in the fun position of not having being able to zoom in VL yet, I guess it’s done with the mouse wheel (?) that I’ve lacked so far when trying VL but anyway does the text size scale with zoom level? In any case without being able to zoom I pretty much had to change the css font-sizes on my high DPI display to get a reasonable experience but zooming might have worked too.