VL patch completely broken

I made a lot of work in VL, but in one moment, when I tried to concat some values, vvvv start to throw the exception error repeatedly. It’s happened when I tried to extend inputs of node. Aaaand I saved the patch. Now I very need to recover my patches, it’s real?

A_pathTest.zip (11.6 KB)

Now when patch opens the error looks like this:

The alpha creates backups every 5 minutes… Check user/documents/VL folder.

The quad menu also has an entry “Show Backups”.

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@tonfilm I just realize that vl patch is empty!
But your advice has helped a lot! Thanks!

I’m using latest alpha, but this bug I seen earlier. I don’t know how to reproduce this situation.

If it happens again, try to find a way to reproduce it. Would be good for us to find the reason in order to fix that error.

I’ll try and if I can repeat, I’ll write here. Thanks for the quick response.

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