VL openNURBS / Rhinoceros3D / Grasshopper / .3dm




I just started to integrate the openNURBS library in vl.


  1. Read the relevant contents of a Rhino3D file (*.3dm)
  2. Use the library in context of vl for geometry generation and manipulation
  3. Write back to *.3dm
  4. Use this to have realtime communication from vl to Rhino/Grasshopper and backwards replacing:

If anyone wants to help and contribute, just let me know.

LINK Topics - 3) Integrating Libraries

So, here you can find the repo. Still WIP!

Points, Curves, Breps (Surfaces…) and Meshes of a *.3dm File are converted to VVVV compatible format.

If someone has wishes for functionalities, feel free to let me know.