Like mentioned in the last meetup, I am developing VL.Rhino.3dm.
The goal is to have a consistend workflow between both. Yes, you can use other formats to export from Rhino too. But it always is a hustle to find the right settings for this. Also if you are working in teams this can get complicated.
There will be also more useful information that you can use (e.g. Evaluate a Curve or Surface)
The workflow could be: somebody designing an exhibit with screens or light fixtures to be build in Rhino and somebody doing the programming part in vvvv. So you could work together along the way, testing the programming in a representation of the end product (also nice for concept viusals), and also something like fitting the directions of led strips physically or programming wise to match up.
Simply said, connecting the physical (for what Rhino is meant) and the digital process.

Right now I am just reading Rhino 3dm, but will extend this (with Input from Tebjan) to also save to Rhino from vvvv (e.g. Fuse Objects)
Next step is also a live connection in the style of Rhino.Inside. I already established (thanks to joreg) this connection, but wanted to build the basic functions that are needed firstly for Rhino.3dm. Because for the Inside connection you will need a Rhino License.

The reading and converting of the Rhinoobjects is already functioning. But I still have problems with the materials. Could need some help with this. There might be a bug on how I create those materials.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. With the same file. This is quite a strange behavior and I am not sure if I am doing something wrong even in terms of gamma logic. I somebody could have a look, it would be nice!


And if there are any ideas or wishes about this, feel free to comment.


Great work. Do you plan to make a version compatible with Rhino WIP?

Disregard. Rhino3dm versions available on nuget are only up to 7.15.0. RhinoCommon nugets for 8.0 wip are available.