VL.OpenCV workshop topic inquiry

I would like to propose a VL.OpenCV hands on workshop for NODE20 where we tackle a few real world problems and solve them through the means of computer vision and of course vvvv, covering quick basics and then diving into specific tasks.

As for the tasks themselves, the forum is open:

  • what would you like to learn to do using computer vision?
  • what computer vision problems have you faced before or are currently facing?
  • is there an OpenCV application or demo you have seen out there that you would like to recreate in vvvv?

Keep in mind that even though most things we do in vvvv are focused on real time use cases, computer vision tasks can also involve batch processing of images and other non-real time tasks which could be of interest. This might widen the range of ideas you can come up with.

If you have any suggestions please post them below.