VL.OpenCV MatType broken

When I try to select MatType, it does not show up as selectable. It looks like all the pins have no connection to the enumerations. Tried it on beta and gamma. Version 2.1.0



Hey @yar, sorry to hear you are having issues.

Which versions of beta and gamma did you try this with?

In the meantime could you try to delete any older versions of VL.OpenCV as well as OpenCVSharp from your nuget cache? You can find those at C:\Users\<your-user>\AppData\Local\vvvv\<your-vvvv-version>\nugets.


@ravazquez No need to feel bad about it.
I’m just trying to improve it by discovering bugs.

It didn’t help. I have the latest stable versions, not nightly or alpha.

Its the same in gamma, even after deletion:

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