VL.OpenCV ImageReader not working

Hi, I’ve noticed that the ImageReader isnt working at all, except for in the “read an image file” help file for opencv. I can see it is working but it does not display any image. if i copy the working ImageReader in the “read an image file” to a new vvvv file it again does not work…

Did anyone encounter this?

I’m running vvvv gmma 5.3 preview 0423 on a windows 11 running on parallels on an M1 Max machine. vl opencv version 2.5.1


i’m afraid i cannot confirm this. tested this with latest 6.0 preview and vl.opencv 2.5.1 and everything seems to work. can you share a patch + image that doesn’t work for you and maybe test on a different PC if you have a chance?!

I just tested with 6.0 preview and OpenCV 2.5.3 and it works as expected too.

Any chance this is you having multiple OpenCV versions fighting in your nugets directory? (C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\vvvv\<gamma version>\nugets)

hi, after deleting vvvv completely and re-installing 6.0 it seems to work fine. its possible I had several opencv versions.

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