Vl.opencv image conversion

Hi guys,
How can I get a grayscale OpenCV image into Stride Texture ?
If I connect ToImage (OpenCV Conversion) directly to ImageToTexture (StrideTexture) vvvv crashes so I immagine it needs a color space conversion ??
I tried this workflow but it doesn’t work… What am I doing wrong here ?


Thanks in advanced!

Hi @jib ,

It is not clear to me what exactly you are trying to achieve here. When you are using the CvImage node you are just seemingly creating a blank image with the same dimensions as the one coming out of the Threshold node, yet you give it no data/value so it will just be an empty image. Regardless, I believe the main culprit is the format you specified on the ToImage node, since you have a single channel 8 bit per channel CvImage originally, you need to make sure you use a compatible format on the ToImage node, in this case, that would be R8.

See my mockup below:


I hope that helps.


Hi @ravazquez
yes! I think that’s the culprit ! I’m always confused with color format…
May I ask the step after this ? In Stride how would I turn the R8 image back to RGB black&white ?
I tried to use ChangeFormat and Levels but probably not in the right way??

With VL.Addons installed you can do it like this for example:


Grayscale.vl (10.3 KB)

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The Grayscale node can do that with a (1, 0, 0) graymix.