VL OpenCV 2 usb cameras crash

Trying to connect two usb cameras crash vvvv as soon as I create the second videoin node in vl, but it worked some time before. Feels very unstable like this. Using beta40 + OpenCV nuget. Any idea what could solve this?

Seems like VideoIn (Blocking) solves it tho :)

Interesting @martinb, I will try to replicate on my end.

Which version of VideoIn were you using when you had the problem?

thanks ravazquez, unfortunately the problem is still not solved. it appears to happen with the different versions of videoin, but the direct crash was with the “normal” videoin (in vl, opencv). however i suspect the problem is more usb/camera related (using 2 logitech c920)… i read about issue with that in different threads.

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