VL Nodebrowser UX: Method overloads

i’ve mentioned this before at some point:

right now, when browsing through the methods or constructors of a class, in the final step you have to chose the required input pins to create a node. what i find confusing is that the nodebrowser does not give any hints, whether enough inputs have already been chosen and allow you to create a faulty node.

a class has 2 constructors: one taking 2 arguments, another one taking 3 args.

  • when chosing only one argument and clicking OK, the node will be created faulty. imho this “notification” that the chosen signature is acutally invalid should happen already in the nodebrowser, not when the node has already been created.
  • when chosing a correct number of arguments it would be cool if the nodebrowser would give some kind of feedback that this node can already be created.

right now this is trial and error for me when i’m working on libraries that i don’t already know.


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