VL Node Request - Waveshapper


After a first session in VL, here is a list of some nodes I would love to see in VL:

(one per thread)

  • WaveShapper
    How do you transform a LFO?
    The SineWave in VL is less versatile


latest alpha comes with 3 new wave nodes. besides SineWave there is now TriangleWave with “Slope” input, RectangleWave with “Pulse Width” input and “SawtoothWave” with a bool to inverse it.

note that the value range of the nodes is a little bit different from the vvvv waveshaper. the phase input is always 0…1, e.g. a LFO, but the output wave oscillates in the range -1…1. this is because the Sine output is defined like that. if this causes problems or makes patching more complicated please tell us. we could think about to add the waves also for 0…1 range or so…

perhaps a set of range pins would be interesting

ideally a range enum in an all-in-one process node AND dedicated nodes for special cases

the nice thing about the individual nodes is that each one can have its own input pins with descriptive names. if you put everything into a “super node”, the question would be how to unify them… or just leave them out an have no options at all? only waveform select + range?

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