VL node inside region or not



Hallo there is no static visual feedback telling us whether a node is inside a region or not, the only way is to start a connection or to move thing around.


confirmed. this is an issue still…


What if the node turns the colour of the region…


I would probably prefer and nudge/push thing…


not sure what you mean by that… is it related to nodes in regions?


Or maybe put a warning on nodes that look like being in a region, but aren’t?


Yes I mean maybe that nodes cannot just be placed inside of region, if you try they either stop by the border, or push the region, and the other way round.


this can lead to weird situations if you copy&paste stuff around. a visual hint that a node is overlapped by a region seems to be the best solution.


I was going to propose a dropshadow but I fear you guys are gonna kill me … maybe just a 1px border ?


Ok let’ s make the border the same colour of the normal patch background (not the region bg) and say 5-10px wide, then it would look like there is a hole in the region.


I’d like to raise that issue again.
Anything in the pipeline already?