VL Node Browser Showing only on my Primary Screen

I’m running vvvv and VL across two screens. I open vvvv from my smaller primary screen (left) and move the patch across to the my larger screen (right). Creating a vl plugin brings it up on my primary screen, so I move it over.

When I try to create a vl node the node browser comes up on the right edge of my primary screen.

However the bug is inconsistent; because sometimes in appears on the secondary screen, but this seems to only occurs occasionally.

i’m afraid i cannot reproduce this on win10. any more specific instructions? for me the nodebrowser always pops up on the correct monitor.

already that confuses me… vvvv patch is on second monitor and there you create a vl-template which you rightclick to open. the vl editor for me now consistently opens right under the mouse on the second screen.

i wonder if there is any window-manager tool you could have installed that for some reason takes over window-positioning?

update: meanwhile we found a way to reproduce and fix this.

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