VL node browser navigation

When I select a group of nodes, I can only get out through the escape (or the cross at the bottom right). It’s true? Can you assign a shortcut to go back one level? Backspace is well suited for this purpose, the hand wants to push this button.

isn’t that what ESC is already doing?

if it would be backspace, you would delete a character of the text that you write in the search field…

If I select a folder and press the button, then typed text disappears.
Type “value” -> select folder “value” -> press “escape” -> input string is cleared
I’m often click on folders to see what they contained, for learning purposes)) This behavior does not feel right.

right, i was thinking already that ESC should put the text that i typed (or the one from the category) back into the entry field…that what you also mean?

When I started a topic, I wasn’t sure that ESC button doing what it doing. Now I understood that ESC button doing “level up” in navigator. But I try to say something different for now)

In some cases, I do not want the entered text disappears. I want something like this: “Back to what I typed”. And only after that pressing the button clears the contents of the input field. Otherwise, find the right menu item turns into an endless input of the same. Rule is “clear the string if you up to root”, but I want to keep typed text (“value” for example)

makes sense totally. please check current alpha to see if it fits your needs

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yeah, it’s work “properly” now, thanks a lot! I was afraid that I can not explain what I mean =)

Aaaand some more UX)) Maybe you can create shortcut for “back to previous patch”? Sometimes, when I enter to class-patch-operation (no matter what, just “entering”), I want to click a button to go back. Scenario: enter to class patch, looked for operation of other class, enter to it, your panel full of opened patches, and you want just “go back” to previous patch. How about it?

for navigation back/fwd use the left/right pointing triangles next to the document name in the titlebar. or if your mouse has thumb buttons for navigation you can also use those.

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