VL - Multiple Update Nodes / Dataflow



hi all,

playing around with VL I ran into a minor dataflow hurdle. The reason for the messy patch is that I need a spread of all current pos, to check against my current object’s pos. Evaluated every frame - so it has to come out of the update member.

now what’s the best way to keep this clean? I tried using a second update to generate the spreads before my main foreach loop

still messy if I try fo funnel all the values down, so I placed the skia patch on the right…
should I create a third update node?

Is this the way to go?


if you need any data from the fish type downstream, just pass the whole fish to there and add a member operation that just outputs what you need there, like fish.GetTransformation. the GetTransformation would not calculate anything but only output the data of a pad, for example.