VL multiple ControllerOUT

Hey there,

i am trying to send multiple ControllerOUT messages for lighting the LEDs of my MIDIcontroller and thought id be easy with ControllersOUT but i cant get controllersOUT to work with the ForEach loops and the ControllerOUT is not really as loopable as i thought it would be.
what am i missing?controllersOUT

greetings knoeterich

Ah i found the solution.
It easily works when using the node Controllers connected to MidiOUT not ControllersOUT to MidiOUt.

I still dont understand the datatype that ControllersOUT is using.

which data type do you mean? the MidiController? it has a join and a split node… so in a loop you can join a bunch of midi controllers with channel, number and value to a spread and send this with the ControllersOut node. does this answer your question?

you can also look into the ControllersOut node, its like a module… maybe it helps you to understand whats going on under the hood.

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