This Library will allow you to apply UI design strategies postulated by
Material was established by Google Research and is updated from time to time, so I will do my best to keep it up to date. I do not only want to write a node library but also develop little helper tools that might save some time.

I will update this Post on the go and attach files when they are ready for testing.

Github Repo will be created when MVP is ready.


The Structure also represents the roadmap for 2020.

  • Layout
    Contains everything needed to set up consistent Layouts
    Think: Grids, Breakpoints, Margins, Gutters, Columns etc.

  • Component
    Deals with the computation of secondary surfaces like Menus, Cards, Lists, Buttons etc.

  • Typography
    All things Typo

  • Icons
    A tool for selection and integration into a patch seems like a better approach right now.

Latest Deliverable

Asset Folder
Just a folder with all the svg and sprite files uncluttered. You can get the full version at GitHub (458.5 KB)



Some Progress on the Layout Category


download this