VL mapclamp mousewheel

hi all,

when using the framedistance as increment the value clamps on the top, but goes endlessly below 0. is there a fast new way to do this, or do I have to use < AND < ?

I want the value to immediately decrease when chanring mousewheel direction.


can you clarify this? which value are you talking about?

Basically I want to patch a volume control. Scroll up and down, clamp between two values, and immediately react to a change in the scroll direction.

I initialize with my standard volume, and want to use the framedifference of my mousewheel to increment or decrement between 0 and 15.

the most easy way is a pad read from it is a + and Clamp and write back to it…


overthought that one ;)

indeed the way you did it shows some strange behavior. you can do like this instead:

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