VL - Licensing Model

Well title is reasonably self explanatory ;)

I speak about standalone version here (not as embedded in 4v).

Some information about it would be “more” than welcomed, specially:

  • Editor licensing
  • Will there be a “per deploy” license once compiled

And so on and so on…

Edit: Since first answer, I don’t expect other users to give suggestions, I expect devvvvs to give a clear answer to an important question.

I’d suggest copying unity/UE4 style: charge after a threshold of income, downloads or whatever measurable in case of publicly available products, and the same old model of €XXX / CPU for commercial projects

hei vux, our focus at the moment is still the integration of VL into vvvv. i am afraid we don’t have anything to announce at the moment regarding the standalone version.

but we wanna remind our readers of our former announcement regarding licensing at the bottom of this post: vvvv50-vl-pack-alpha

That’s in one month and a half, so quite interested.

heh, indeed guilty of not missing that optimistic target but there was already an update on that info in our last blogpost:

We’re quite happy with what the integration of VL into vvvv brings us and therefore instead of the VL standalone we now first concentrate on making VL a first-class language inside vvvv, ie. combining the powers of the two. Therefore we’re now working towards beta35 which will be the first vvvv release that officially includes VL, expected around new-year…

Then with beta35 we’ll expect you to gradually incorporate VL into your projects. Implement parts of new projects in VL and still do the rendering parts in vvvv. While you’ll be doing that we’ll have some time to prepare the standalone release…

from: vl-summer-update

wooooo… wooooo… library impoooorteeer… aaaapeeai… woooo