By popular demand, here is a .ply polygon/pointcloud reader (supporting both ascii and binary files):


nuget install -pre

Due to the flexible nature of the format, not all possible cases can be supported out of the box. So for now this reads XYZ and RGB components and faces. If your need other info than that from a file you’ll have to implement your own of the adaptive “AsciiVertices” and “BinaryVertices” operations.

Please let me know if you stumble on a file that doesn’t load correctly!


Thanks Joreg!

Cool !

In latest preview (2021.4.0-0187) VL.IO.PLY doesn’t work properly

confirmed. this is fixed in latest VL.IO.PLY (0.0.4-alpha)

Reading ASCII works perfect, but when I read Binary ply out of Blender, the particles are aligned like the image.

confirmed. this is fixed in latest VL.IO.PLY (0.0.5-alpha) and also requires latest 2021.4 preview!

but note: the funky colors are “correct” because the file doesn’t have colors and you’re using the PlyReader (XYZ RGB), ie in this case you’re interpreting the normals as colors.