VL: Ignore .NET Framework Errors


I’m working on trying to implement a library into VL, it’s called libcec to be more specific (see http://libcec.pulse-eight.com/).

When I create node that VL created from the dll, every klick I make afterwards gives me that error message you can see in the pic I uploaded. It kind of makes sense, since the inputs and outputs of those nodes probably are “null” by default. But it’s pretty annoying to try to patch my way through it with having to klick away error messages every three seconds.

So, can I deactivate those popups somehow?



it seems to me this library is referencing an underlying unmanaged .dll, right?
this could be a reason for such a recurring popup as long as that .dll is not found correctly.

to ensure the .dll is found, add it to the path on startup, like explained here:
(the document refers to nugets, but would also be suitable for your case)

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