VL: how to convert Sequence<Float32> to Sequence<MutableArray<Byte>>?


I have a .NET Nuget (ie. not VL Nuget) that I want to use in VL. It has an operation that requires a MutableArray. It is inside a ForEach region, and I want to feed it a slice of floats from vvvv with bin size. How do I do this? I know the splicer will give me the spread input and the bin size pin, but inside the ForEach region it becomes just Float32 after the splicer, so it looks like I’m losing the bin sizes there.

Thanks, Szabi

the vvvv wrapper is slicewise, so you already have a ForEach loop and the vl patch is already per bin.

however, if you want to have all slices in one patch then you need to add one spread level more. connect a GetInternalArray node in the ForEach region and the type should change to and give you another bin size pin in vvvv beta.

Thanks @tonfilm, I think I got it right; now I have another problem that I’ll make a separate post about.

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