VL Graphics - Dynamic Layers

Hi Devvvvs

I know that VL graphics are coming one day, I’ve got a use case on a project at the moment that traditional vvvv isn’t very good at so I thought I’d send it to you in the hopes that your implementation of a graphics engine in VL might make this easier.

I’d love the ability to dynamically create layer>renderer>textureFX chains with a pattern in VL (or have a simple node based way to achieve this on the GPU).

The use case I have is a drawing program where I’m trying to create vector brushes. Each stroke can potentially have a different softness which I would achieve with a blur effect. The amount of softness should be unique to each brush object and hence each object should be able to ask for a separate render pass with its own blur settings (or its own chain of raster effects/lighting settings/shader settings etc…).

But no rush, just some food for thought when you consider implementation of drawing in VL.

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