Started work on a glTF loader for vl:

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Going to provide an adapter for SuperPhysical to allow correct PBR rendeing from glTF files.

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Playing transform based animation and PBR support working.



I might need it for a recent project so comes just in time thanks joreg.

I had actually a look into the VL files already and it was such a massive patch.

I did actually do a glTF implementation for vvvv.js which is also 2000 lines of code, so I know what it requres.

So seeing this as a VL patch was mindblowing on the one hand but on the other hand also a bit heavy to understand, as it was such a huge patch

Hey is this only wokring with latest alpha?
Does this explain red nodes in b36, would be good to have it in latest stable release

Well, b37 is on rc4, so I think it’s totally fine to not care about b36.

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what do you mean with rc4 / b37?
in downloads I only see b36, seams like i missed something out that I should know?

I also ment to include it into next stable release not b36 :)


@tekcor i’m afraid this is still in a bit of a messy state. i comited this last time when i was in the middle of a rework and since haven’t found time to complete the rework. at least it should work though for simple meshes.

i’ve only just now comited a state that works with the latest rc for b37. on github you’ll see the previous commit refers to be working with b36. so now at least you can choose.

and just so everyone knows: one way to get dx11 skinning to work would be to fix this bugger. so if anyone has time to look into that…