After we included vvvv gamma in the teaching plan last semester at the Mainz University of Applied Sciences, during the basic course we started to recreate the sketches of Generative Gestaltung v2 for exercise in gamma. During this time the idea arose to make a NuGet as a learning resource. Here we go🥳

  1. Go to Gamma’s Quad menu > Manage Nugets > Commandline and type:
    nuget install VL.GenerativeGestaltung -pre
  2. Press Enter and wait the ending of the installation process
  3. Open the Help Menu (F1). Open the tap “Learn”. Search for the pack “GenerativeGestaltung”
  4. Have fun

There are currently 40+ patches from different categories, with the target of recreating the missing ones this semester. If anyone would like to contribute patches just add them to the Repro VL.GenerativeGestaltung or place it here than we will integrate it.

Thanks goes to @motzi for the motivation to drive it forward and the lovely vvvv community for always exchange their knowledge 🤓


That looks great, like ampop’s weird and wonderful helpfiles for beta!


one quick info/find: the images of at least one example are not loadable because of a wrong folder path:

@timpernagel thanks for pointing this out, i will have a look.

Pushed a new version with the absolute pathes replaced by relative.

i think it would be very helpful if the patches would have one or two words of what they actually do in their name. to inspire someone to click them. something like P_2_0_03_ShapeByMouse


but all in all, really great work!

i thought it the other way round. Starting from the website or book. This are the names of the sketches and chapter.

Thats why i add the references to the website an table of content (sadly only available in german)

I will think about it. What about thumbnails in the help browser?
This would be a more visuale approach.

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Updated the patches to gamma version 2021.4.11-1277 and add some new ones.