Vl for dummies

i am missing the most basic operation
…say i want to add 2d points to a field on bang

-new mainpatch
-another new patch, to create a field, name it Utility(Xxx)
-within ‘Utility’, assign a writer with an inlet to Create
-change inlet type to Vector2d
-go back to mainpatch
how do i reference Create from ‘constructor’ in mainpatch ?
(i dont find it by typing neither Create, Constructor, nor Xxx)

ai ggml,

the simplest way to achieve your goal should be as attached. the template itself is already a datatype that can have a field storing a spread of points. then just add to that spread directly and you’re done. next would probably to add a Clear node…

VVVV.2d.AccumulatePoints.vl_.zip (1.1 kB)

i see,
and how to convert spread of vector2 to vector2 ?

edit ok i see i have to make a region in order to operate at individual level

right, it is not “converting spread to vector2” but rather applying an operation for-each slice of a spread using a ForEach region.

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