In this time where there is not much noise in the streets, i decided to make some in home,
So after dealing with gamma some time im ready to share this nice noise generator.
FastNoise is an open source noise generation library with a large collection of different noise algorithms.
Although is a cpu noise, it works well, but i would like to make further imrpovements.
So test it and tell me wich ways can make the node perform better when use high resolutions.

To do:
-3D noise values output.
-Save Textures async.

Is an exercise about how gamma basic works, and asyncloops too, i tried to upload to nuget via appveyor, but im having some issues so here is the repository

and the zip for anyone who like to test.
Happy noisingVL.FastNoise.zip (39.2 KB)


Here it goes the first release of Fastnoise in a nuget way, to install :
nuget install VL.FastNoise

main updates are :
-Performance Boost!.
-2d and 3d noise nodes.
-vvvv compatibilty up to beta 39.
-Help patches and examples.
Take a look at the examples to see the possibilities of this nice and compact library.
Enjoy FastNoiseGrid-Renderer