VL - Entity pattern tutorial

Hi, hope anyone from the devvv’s can well spend 20 minutes and implement basic entity pattern from scratch live… I’ve seen complex patch explanations, i think they don’t work that great, since you can’t expect anyone to understand complex system, before he understands concept… What would be cool, just some simple demo, one two entities, or entity compositions, and how to process them…
My focus is widget’s (buttons, sliders, etc for Stride)

Thank you.


This sounds like Elementa to me, they do exactly that. Did you inspect their patches? There is also a developer video somewhere that goes into depth of the implementation.

@dottore @sebescudie could you link some of your videos here?

But as you say, a simple example patch that only demonstrates the concept would also be nice. But I’ve never implemented that in VL and would gladly past on this job to someone who was involved in Elementa.

As for UI, did you look into the Stride UI system? They have a component based UI system already. Maybe use that instead of reinventing the wheel:

Yes i did looked on the patches, but it’s rather hard to find where to start, that why i think small minimum example with just core would be quite nice have…

At the end of “Building Systems with VL” Node20 workshop (Gregsn) there’s a simple explanation of Entity-Component architecture