VL.Devices.ZED - can not get depth image

Should this already be working? For me the ColorImage does not show anything (when set to depth view) and the DepthImage does not really return what I expected. Tested on 5.3-0423

Actually this somehow works… but only up to approximately 1m, is there a way to increase the depth area?

@chk You probably have a 16bit texture with values above 1m, distance encoded in pixels (values reflect distance in metres).
There are some help patches in Fuse that show how to write shaders “in place” to handle such values.

But in short, you need to sample the texture, then process the channel (red), create a processing algorithm (more-lower, smooth, lerp), pass that to ShaderFX and get the result texture.

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There is also the node LinearDepth for doing the conversion.

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