@Hadasi started work on a set of VL nodes for using WinTab devices:

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The wintabcontext is broken in gamma and latest alphas

This is now available as nuget. Install via:

nuget install vl.devices.wintab -pre

@third_paradise please test again now!

Very cool!

Tested with:
Wacom Intuos 4 Graphics tablet - Working fully

Lenovo X1 Yoga 3rd gen Convertible - Pressure goes from NaN to Infinite
This is due to the Axis Max Z value not being reported. The pressure scale on this device seems to be 0-30k. Other method of deducing the max pressure needs to be deduced - maybe a manual fallback?

Also the buttons could be useful, I see they’re being split out in the ToTabletData operation and seem to report properly but they’re not routed anywhere. Maybe it would be nice as its own Observable output.

good to hear. please test latest nuget now: with button state and i hope correct pressure and Z outputs added (my tablet here doesn’t have Z)

Didn’t know my tablet could report Z, super cool 😊

Wacom Intuos Tablet works well, even though pressure only goes to 0.5 IIRC.

X1 Yoga 3rd gen also fine, pressure full 0-1.

Buttons fine but when pressing 3rd button (touching the tip) and then pressing the 1st, the 3rd is not held anymore. Dunno if this is something to do with the hardware or the library implementation.

Is there something similar that works for touch?

Just tested it out. It works perfect, but the buttons aren’t yet well implemented. image
This will fix it. On state is 13107[2/3/4] off state is 6553[6/7/8]